Hair Services

Women's Haircuts
Long hair - $55 and up
Cut for fine or medium textured hair - length from shoulders to shoulder blades. Includes shampoo, precision wet cut, detail dry cut, and basic blowdry styling.  Added charge for thick/extra-long hair.

Medium hair - $55
Cut for any texture hair - length from chin to shoulders. Includes shampoo, precision wet cut, detail dry cut, and basic blowdry styling.

Short hair- $45 and up
Cuts that are above the chin and over the ears, pixies, faux-hawks, etc. When cutting for the first time from long hair, will be scheduled and charged as a medium or long cut. Includes shampoo, wet and dry cutting, and blow-dry style.

Men's Haircuts
Clipper and scissors cut, includes shampoo. - $37 and up

Single process all-over color - $85 and up
Allover color is a single color applied to the roots of the entire head.  The ends will be either colored with the same formula, or with a gloss or deep conditioner, depending on the consultation and the needs of the client.  Includes shampoo and basic blow-dry.

Partial foil - $95 and up
Includes crown of head and front sides, and option of a few foils at the nape, as well as shampoo and blow-dry/style.

Full foil - $110 and up
Foiled highlights throughout the entire head with 1 or 2 colors.

Ombre/Balayage color - $125 and up
Personalized color that blends from one color at the roots to another color at the ends.

Special Occasion Styling
Blow-out - $40 and up
Shampoo, blow-dry, and styling.

Up-do consultation with trial styling - $50
This service is recommended as a consultation 2-4 weeks before a special event. Includes a consultation and practice styling. Finished result on this day will be a guide for the final product at the next appointment.

Wedding up-do - $110
Day-of event styling at the salon, please ask for a quote and availability for on-location styling.


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